01 August, 2010

What You Can Do While I'm Indisposed

Once every month, I ponder whether to hate my biology or my anatomy more.  This is that time.  Aunty Flow arrived early, so at the moment all I'm interested in is sitting very still in one position going "Ow."  This is not conducive to the kind of thought necessary for blogging.  The spanking I planned to administer to a certain NYT Magazine writer shall have to wait.  In the meantime, you can head over to Bora's, where you'll find links to quite a few other spankings, together with at least one blogger who earned my wrath this afternoon.  If you're not sure which one, just peruse the comments at each post - I refuse to dignify him with a link, but I did make my displeasure known.

I particularly recommend Mike the Mad Biologist's take on the whole affair.  'Tis a thing of beauty.  Mike also gets props for having the post title that made me LOL: "Why We Need to Vaccinate Germ Dispersal Units Children: The Whooping Cough Edition."  Whooping cough, of course, is far from a laughing matter, but that title is an instant classic.  And all too true in so many ways!

If clueless gits and the evisceration thereof don't tickle your fancy, Brian Switek's got an intriguing piece on running primates.  You know a writer's good when he can make limb posture interesting.

In the mood for some woo-bashing?  Orac's Friday Dose of Woo will have you snorting your apparently-dead water all over the keyboard.  And this time, read the comments - the readers really outdid themselves, reaching a pinnacle of hilarity with this one.

Those of you who are passionate about proper English usage can productively waste your afternoon with Ophelia Benson's and Jerry Coyne's posts on "verbal infelicities" - or possibly solecisms.  Do not get me started on the difference between "phase" and "faze."  We'll be here all night, cramps be damned.  And when you're done policing language, do hang about their places a bit - Jerry's got lynx kittens to die for and Ophelia found an accommodationist she can tolerate, which may in fact be evidence that miracles exist.

That should be enough to keep you in trouble for a bit.  If you need more, the blog roll's recently updated.  Have at!

I shall return once my uterus stops trying to kill me.

*Uno mas, via Mike: "On the lessons Joseph Goebbels taught us: The Right Wing, The Big Lie, and the American Spectator’s latest on the Sherrod Case…"  No Godwin here, just cold hard truth.

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