23 August, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

When you become a Con, you apparently get a little license that allows you to be an outrageous hypocrite.  Case in point:
I'm embarrassed to admit, I didn't see this line of attack coming. It just seemed too ridiculous, even for Republicans, but I'm reminded why low expectations are rarely low enough with these folks.
For the second straight year, the first family has landed on this island of quaint seaside towns, second homes and working farms for a late-summer getaway.
But this year, more so than last, political opponents are trying to hang a question over the visit: Does President Obama deserve a vacation?
The Republican National Committee has taken to calling Obama "the Clark Griswold president," a mocking reference to the Chevy Chase character in National Lampoon's "Vacation" movies. With unemployment claims climbing again, the GOP was hoping its criticism would have a certain national resonance. And maybe it will.
I haven't the foggiest idea whether the public will actually hold a 10-day break against the president, but this even being a subject of discussion is bizarre.


Before 2000, the president with the most vacation time in the modern era was Reagan. Bush not only beat Reagan's record, he did so with 17 months to spare. Spanning his two terms, Bush spent 487 days at Camp David, and 490 days at a ranch in Crawford. That's a total of 977 days -- about a third of his overall presidency.

And Republicans are going after Obama's down time? Seriously?
This is taking IOKIYAR to absurd extremes.  These dumbshits are more like a comedy sketch than a political party.  In point o' fact, there are plenty of comedians who are better at politics than they are - Sen. Al Franken, for example.  There are comedians who deserve to be taken far more seriously than our Cons - Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert spring to mind.  Why we don't laugh these fucktards out of our political discourse is an impenetrable mystery to me.

Until we do laugh them off the stage, they'll strangle the political discourse like kudzu.  There are conservatives who have brains and occasionally use them, whom one can disagree with but only after giving serious consideration to their points.  The Cons up on the national stage right now are not those conservatives.  And our discourse, not to mention our nation, suffers for it.

They're not even useful idiots, unless you're a corporation looking for handouts, or a rich bastard looking to rake in cash from the pockets of the poor.  They have no fucking credibility on any subject whatsoever.  Can our pathetic political media please start admitting that and taking some time to call them out for their hypocrisy, inanity, and general dumbfuckery rather than just regurgitating their pointless talking points?

Yeah, I know the answer.  Doesn't mean I'll stop asking.

And a memo to the idiots using the idiots for fun and obscene profit: fire's useful, too - until it gets out of control and burns your neighborhood down.  Keep that in mind.

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