24 August, 2010

PZ Is Ailing

Our Cephalopod Overlord got the kind of phone call from his doctor's office that no one wants to get, the one that says, "Get to the hospital, like, NOW, and if your university has a time machine, we suggest you use it to get there sooner."  Now he's wearing the latest in hospital fashion and waiting to see if they slice-and-dice or merely poke a few holes in him in the ay-em.

I'd be a bit more worried about him if my grandfather's ticker hadn't outlasted his mental faculties, and this in an age when cardiac medicine was a bit more primitive than today.  There's an excellent chance PZ will still be one of the Horsemen when I've become a doddering old fool.  Still, one worries a little.  Okay, a lot.

And wonders what should be sent in lieu of flowers, because flora just seems wrong somehow. And I doubt they'd let a bouquet of sea anemones in the door.  So, balloons!

And something warm to cuddle up to in those drafty hospital corridors:

Best o' medical science to ye, PZ!

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Unknown said...

here's to PZ and getting better. I wish to have another and another and another beer with him. Only had one so far at the pike place brewing CO.