19 August, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

It's going to take me days to dig out.  We didn't have internet access at the hotel - not because they didn't have wi-fi, but because they didn't have a hard line, and something went wonky with my wi-fi on my computer long ago which I've never bothered to fix.  So that was two days' worth of Twitter, science blogs, and political blogs I missed.  I've managed to catch up on ye old Twitter reading, and I'm mostly done with the Washington Monthly.

It appears the political world exploded into yet more burning stupid flames whilst I was away.  Let's see if I can sum up:

The Chamber of Commerce believes that females like myself are totally responsible for the pay gap between genders, because of all that time we demand away from work.  Or something.  And demanding equal pay for equal work is "Scrouge-like."  Oh, and we wouldn't be in this situation if we'd just been smart enough to get a job at a company that doesn't fuck us over (ignoring the fact it's nearly impossible to determine this in advance, or that in some places, finding such a company would be harder than finding an intelligent person at the Chamber).  Additionally, we should've married a sugar daddy.  So there, girls!

Sharron Angle doesn't understand why World War II stimulated the economy.  (Hint: it has a little something to do with massive government spending, you fucktard.)

Speaking of dumbshits for Senate, Rand Paul wants to represent Kentucky, but doesn't know jack diddly shit about the state.  Oh, and tax cuts cure drug addiction!  That Tax Fairy of theirs sure is all-powerful.  Wait.  Gasp!  Does this mean that the Tax Fairy is a false idol?!

Speaking of yet more dumbshits for Senate, Wisconsin's Ron Johnson wants you to know that global warming has nothing to do with all the greenhouse gasses humans are pumping into the atmosphere.  No, siree.  It's probably all that sunspot activity (nevermind that sunspot activity is low).  Or maybe it's "just something in the geologic eons of time."  Damn those geologic eons!  Side note: people like him are the reason America's not just falling behind in the alternative energy race, but is sitting on the sidelines watching other countries zip by.  Goodbye jobs, innovation and international prestige!  Hello, permanent recession!

Dr. Laura's quitting her news show, and it's all your fault.  Y'see, you evil librul politically correct elites are infringing on her freedom to shout the N-word at black women all she wants. 

For those keeping score at home, it's not okay for America to emulate Europe in any way.  But it's totally okay for America to emulate China (that would be Communist China), Pinochet's Chile (a military dictatorship), and Saudi Arabia (which is a Middle Eastern Islamic theocracy).  I know all of that doesn't square with their screaming over the evils of communism, tyranny and evil awful Islam, but no one ever claimed these folks are intellectually gifted enough to understand obvious contradictions.

You know all those teachers' jobs recently-passed legislation will save?  Yeah, the Bachmann and King freakshow thinks that's all just a big ol' Dem money-laundering scheme.  Seriously.  It's hard to trust democracy when idiots like these keep getting elected.

And there was far, far more Con stupidity I didn't point out, and all in just one place.  Who knows what's going to happen when I have time to swing by Think Progress and TPM.  The political environment's so target-rich I may have to upgrade the Smack-o-Matic 3000 to something with multiple paddles.

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