07 August, 2010

Ye Olde Housekeeping Post with Links to More Interesting Fare

Egads, tonight has gotten away from me.  I meant to do all sorts of fun and exciting things, and here I've only done some desultory reading on the intertoobz, written a piece that will go up on a very grim anniversary (don't worry, you won't have long to stew over the mystery before it appears), and am in the midst of a Rocko's Modern Life marathon.

Inspiration, alas, rather failed me after all that.  

Now it's time to eat and get some work done, which means kicking a brain that has no intention of Serious Thought into gear.  It wants to be fed more Rocko and put to bed.  I intend to finish some geology research for upcoming posts whether I have to take my brain to the woodshed for a beating or whether kind persuasion will work.

For those pining for a bit o' science, here be some links:

Brian Switek can assure you that Triceratops isn't going anywhere, and give you a prehistoric anatomy lesson to boot.

Silver Fox has reported on her* Oregon Trip Day 3, and this is the place to go if you're looking for ale and ashfalls, this is the place.

Erik Klemetti reports on a dome collapse in Indonesia.  If you immediately realized I wasn't talking about architecture, you might just be a geologist.

Orac unleashes some patented Respectful Insolence on those who think basic science is an obstacle to potential med students.  At least now I have another question in the "determining my doctor's potential competence" checklist.

And this isn't science, but our own John Pieret is going through Judge Walker's Prop8 opinion, with hysterical results. Catch the first two installments here and here.  Have bandages ready, as your sides will likely split.

With that, my darlings, I bid you adieu until tomorrow night.



Silver Fox said...

Thanks for the link! S.F. (me) is highly female, however. :)

Photo Rat said...

Rocko's Modern Life is one of the most underrated cartoons of all time.