01 August, 2010

Olympic National Park Extravaganza

One weekend in August, depending on when the weather clears, my intrepid companion and I shall be headed out to Olympic National Park.  No, I've never seen it.  Yes, I've lived here for three years.  Look, I only just last year decided to dedicate summers to adventures rather than writing.

When I go to the official website, this is the extent of what I find on geology:

Mt. Anderson
Mount Anderson
The Olympic Mountains were born in the sea. The basalts and sedimentary rocks that form the mass of these peaks were laid down 18 to 57 million years ago offshore, then uplifted, bent, folded and eroded into the rugged peaks you see today.

That's it.  They babble on for pages about flora and fauna, but geology gets a mere mention.  Le sigh.

I'm sure that we'll manage to find some geology anyway, but for those who have been there (or haven't but know bits about it), here's a chance to tell us what you'd like us to see and do. If you have a spot you want to experience vicariously, let us know! Hurricane Ridge is already on the itinerary, but I know there's far, far more.  Cast your votes!


B166ER said...

You'll love it! As a Washington native, I've been going there since I was a kid, and I've never had a bad time. The rain forest there is incredible. Enjoy your trip there!

No Gods, No Masters

Passerby said...

Let's get you better acquainted with the geology of Olympic NP.

From the USGS,

and a blab on the stratigraphy:

Check the local u-libraries for this book: