21 August, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

Typos in this post are solely the responsibility of my cat, who has decided that my arm is the best bed in the house.  I suppose it's better than being ignored.

And it's certainly better than being as ignorant as Jon Kyl:
David Broder's column yesterday covered familiar ground -- the Washington Post columnist is still disappointed with both parties -- but there was one point in particular that stood out. (thanks to N.B. for the tip)

The Post reported earlier this week that, as Senate Republicans delay consideration of a new strategic arms treaty with Russia, the previous framework has lapsed. As a result, "for the first time in 15 years, U.S. officials have lost their ability to inspect Russian long-range nuclear bases." Broder notes the political context.
The inspections were guaranteed by the old START agreement, which expired in December. The successor treaty was negotiated in April, but the Senate has not taken it up because several Republican senators have raised questions about its possible effect on plans to modernize the U.S. nuclear fleet.
Republican Richard Lugar, probably the Senate's leading authority on nuclear disarmament, told reporter Mary Beth Sheridan that the delay "is very serious and impacts our national security."
But Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the deputy Republican leader and one of the main voices challenging the urgency of action, told Sheridan he had assumed the inspections were continuing. What a price to pay for ignorance.
Indeed, Republicans holding up the new nuclear treaty have largely ignored the lapsed nuclear checks. Kyl, who's helped lead the way in obstructing progress, was asked about the inspection cutoff. "I thought we were just going to continue doing business as usual" as the replacement treaty was debated, he said.

It's a reminder that GOP obstructionism is not only abusive of institutional and national interests, it's also often based on Republican ignorance about issues of global importance.
There are a great many reasons why I'm glad to have left Arizona.  The fact that my former state has a Senator this fucking ignorant is in the top 10.  Apparently, his momma never told him that when he assumes, he makes an ass out of himself and everyone who voted for him.  Oh, and incidentally, puts the entire fucking nation at risk.

This is how America ends: not with a bang, but with a "Dur, I dint know dat!"

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