21 August, 2010

Scenes From the Cat-Servant Life

I had ambition today.  I promise, I did.  Aaalll sorts of things planned.  Wasn't gonna be like the cat, doing nothing but lazing round in sunbeams:

Yeah, well.  Long day o' work later, Rocko on me teevee, cat on me arm...

And yes, it's really damned hard to snap photos of the cat with only one arm free.  I asked her to move, and this is all the movement I got:

My cat is my inspiration... to crawl into bed with a good book, stretch out my toeses, and be all the lazy I can be.

Substantive content tomorrow, my darlings.  Promise.  Unless the cat suggests otherwise...

1 comment:

Lyle said...

Clearly your cat has succeeded in life, it has found a servant to care for it. Now all it has to do is sleep play and eat.