13 August, 2010

Wonderful Life

It's been one of those perfect nights - good food, lying about under the stars watching a few desultory meteors flash across the skies, cuddles with kitteh.  I've spent the past hour writing up some of the trip pics from Rainier, and that should be ready for your viewing pleasure tomorrow.  It's just one of those moments when life is truly beautiful.

So I thought I'd take a moment and invite you to envision your perfect moments.  Just drop whatever you're doing and remember a time when life filled you to overflowing, until you felt you could burst from the beauty of it all.  Have you got it?  Good.  Indulge, revel, immerse yourself in that memory for a moment.

There.  Now you've got a proper start to your weekend.  Go forth and have the time of your lives.

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