06 August, 2010

Whiskey on the Rocks

Thank you, Chris Rowan, for abandoning us all for Scotland and then coming back to rub it in.  This improved my mood instantly:

Yeah, that would 6-8 hundred million year-old diamictite he's standing next to.  Is it a sign that you're seriously addicted to geology when you look at something like this and literally start to drool?

Then the bastard had to tell us how he went off and had some famous Scottish whiskey.  I may have to someday follow in his footsteps.  Who's with me?


Chris R said...

Sorry to spoil your day! I suppose that from a certain perspective, that sort of post is the online equivalent of the gloating postcard.

Although it should be pointed out, I do actually live in Scotland, and therefore drink good whisky all the time.

Dana Hunter said...

The good whiskey does not excite my envy half so much as the excellent geology. I shall have to plot my revenge. Now to figure out what in Washington State is just as cool as some of the most delicious ancient rocks in existence... ;-)