30 August, 2010

Loving Bad Universe from Literally the Second It Starts

I've pseudo-liveblogged my reaction to the premiere episode of Bad Universe.   I didn't watch it live, alas.  Meant to, but I fell asleep this evening (and dreamed I was running away from glaciers - don't ask me why), then woke up too late for the main event.  Besides, the new downstairs neighbors sounded like they were torturing and killing an elephant downstairs.  It turns out they were just preparing for a night on the town, which apparently requires pachyderm sacrifice.  Go figure.  I let them get done with that so's they wouldn't impact (ha!) my viewing pleasure.

And here, raw and unvarnished, my thoughts on the program:

When a science show starts out, "The experiments in this program are conducted by trained professionals.  Do not attempt any of these tests at home," you know there's gonna be mayhem.

"Smells like mass extinction."  HA HA HA HA HA!

License plates, I get, but did they seriously have to pixelate the manufacturer's logo on the truck?  What, did Chevy not pay them for the privilege?  Mark this as the first time I've been curious enough to pause a program so I could google an SUV.

I love they're mixing explosions with the Inverse Square Law - and the Bikini Gage.

The look on Phil's face when that first explosion went off was priceless.  And any show that includes the words, "Let's go do field geology!" immediately makes it to the top of my viewing list.

(Long interval of eating pizza whilst immersed in show.  Do not take lack of commentary for apathy.)

Want a scale-model dry ice comet!

Does Phil really have a warning sign that says "Big Scary Laser"?  Want that, too!

Do not want the show to end.

Um.  The graphic of of Apophis?  Fucking terrifying.

Poor big granite ball.  Ouchies!  But its sacrifice was not in vain - that was motherfucking awesome.

Less than 19 years to save the world.  Good thing Bad Universe is on now!  This has been much more terrifying (by virtue of being accurate) than most ZOMG the world's gonna end! teevee shows.  It might spur some actual action.

More than happy with this show.  If Discovery doesn't make it a regular feature, I'm calling for a mob.  Sharpen your pitchforks and oil your torches just in case.

Kudos, Phil!

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Suzanne said...

i enjoyed it too -- and i'm so glad you put up a graphic of that sign.... totally cracked me up when watching the show.

i think bad universe would be a great addition to the discovery channel -- unlike that quittah from wasilla show i've heard discover was gonna do.