16 August, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

I haven't got any good ones for not coming up with some scintillating posts today.  Oh, granted, it was hot enough to sap all of the life out of me, and we haven't any air conditioning.  And there was the Rocko's Modern Life marathon I'd recorded, which demanded to be watched.  Called the parents and taught my stepmother how to troubleshoot her own phone.  Put the finishing touches on the trip to the Olympics, and whittled the itinerary down to something manageable in the time we've got.  Chased after free geology publications from the state of Washington, but didn't get any of them read.  And had to venture forth from the house before I starved to death.  That, alas, is just about it.

I took a look at the political news and yawned.  Thought about reading some science blogs and discovered my brain had melted into a homogeneous little lump.  So it goes.

For those interested in where we'll be, plans look something like this:

Day I

Hurricane Ridge, where we shall be walking along the roof of the world and seeing some lovely geology.  Oh, and flowers, too.

A trip up the Elwha River Valley for Last Dam Summer - they're taking out the dams soon, so this is our last chance to see.

And, if time permits, Lake Crescent, which is twelve miles long and carved by a glacier.  If not, we'll be hitting that one in the ay-em.

Then o blessed sleep wot knits the raveled sleeve of... sorry.  It's just that with the temp still at 80 degrees in the house and the fact that I normally don't go to bed until sunrise, I know I won't sleep well tonight, and then there's all the lovely exercise to contend with.

Day II

Rialto Beach, if we get a chance, where we shall see the Hole-in-the-Wall.

Hoh Rainforest, because I've not yet seen a temperate rainforest.

And, if time permits, Ruby Beach, hopefully around sunset.

Then it's hope, and to sleep, wot knits - sorry. 

If I get the opportunity, I'll be posting a few sneak-peaks from the hotel tomorrow.  If not, you can expect something quite soon.  And I did load up a little something to tide you over while I'm gone, just in case the idea of a day without Dana horrifies you. 

Whilst I'm away, you might feel the urge to tell me about the mustn't-be-missed attractions in your area.  This would be wonderful, especially if you live in Indiana or North Carolina, as it seems I may be condemned privileged to visit them both next summer chasing after various relatives and best friends.  If you've written up a favorite place, do link to it in comments.  Shameless self promotion is good. Indulge yourselves!

I'll see ye when I return from the wilderness, or at least the bits of it that can be easily reached by automobile.


Lyle said...

While not from NC, you have to decide if you want mountains or the seashore first. Basically it depends on where the people you are visiting live in NC , Asheville the mountains win as its in the middle. Raleigh or east the seashore wins.

Lyle said...

Let me correct a bit
Asheville is in the middle of the mountains.