15 August, 2010

I Require a Sugar Daddy

That's the only conclusion I can come to.  So many books, so little time and money.  The problem has become acute, because I just discovered a whole slew of books I didn't know existed but desperately need to own.

It all began when Ron posted a comment telling me about the Roadside Geology of Mount Rainier National Park and Vicinity.  Why, yes, a little bit of drool did dribble down my chin.  Yes, I did shout "ZOMG I love you, Ron, thankyouthankyouthankyou!" 

I tend to shout that a lot when I'm reading comments from you lot, actually.  Even when you all do make me reconsider the advisability of marriage.

I've discovered the book is downloadable via the Washington State Department of Natural Resources for free, which is wonderful, but right now my computer is telling me just how unimpressed it is with the idea of downloading a 300mb+ file.  Not to mention, this machine's a little bulky for whipping out of a messenger bag.  So I may have no choice but to order the damned thing.  Pas de problem, as we used to say in French class - except while I was searching for a place where I could order that book, I came across this site full of recommended Northwest geology guidebooks.

I am so very, very fucked.

Well, actually, it's not as bad as all that.  I've already read quite a few of the books on that page.  Just under half, in fact.  However, the site's also full of field trips.  Lots and lots of geology field trips.


It's going to take time, money, and freedom from the day job to do all of this stuff.  As I have yet to become independently wealthy from ye olde writing, there's nothing for it but to find some indulgent rich gentleman.  Or lady.  I'm not picky.  The poor sod will just have to put up with a homicidal cat and my quirks, not to mention being roundly ignored unless spry enough to accompany me on these trips.  Where, actually, they'll probably be roundly ignored because I'll be too busy drooling over rocks.  And if they're under the mistaken impression that they'll have me all to themselves in the winter, well, that's the writing season, wherein I become a hermit whilst I frantically scribble on ye olde magnum opus.  Not to mention, there's all that reading to catch up on.

But if you're rich and looking for a good wife who won't get underfoot as long as you shower her with books on geology and money for field trips, or if you wish to revive the classical concept of patronage, I am now accepting applications.


Paul Havlak said...
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Paul Havlak said...

Would the right term be "library daddy"? Heck, maybe you should become a librarian. That would be a good melding of your skills in advising clueless people and looking shit up with your love of books.

(I must be going senile, I let a typo slip past on first draft.)

Silver Fox said...

If you get a raft of offers, I'll take one!

Suzanne said...

hahaha -- if ya find a sugar/library daddy/mommy, maybe s/he will be content to enjoy making you smile that special smile ya get when you get new geo books and paid for field trips.

i think what you really need is a patron.

Woozle said...

If I had two sugar daddies, I'd give you one.

Well, okay: even if I only had one sugar daddy, I'd probably share -- hopeless socialist that I am. I guess that makes me unamerican.