13 August, 2010

One Good One

I just spent an hour out on the porch waiting for the Perseids to put on a show.  I got one good one and a couple of small ones.  It's times like this I miss living out in the middle of nowhere.  Too much light pollution, too many damned trees here.  The cat got disgusted with the whole enterprise and abandoned me halfway through.

Of course, some folks didn't get a thing - Neil Gaiman and Suzanne, alas, got clouds.  So, for them, some second-hand meteors from the Komo News website:

And, in honor of the Perseids (and Neil Gaiman, who inspired this song), Lunascape's Raven Star:

Did any of the rest of you see anything good?

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

this is the second perseids i've missed since moving up here.

certainly haven't had any motivation to get my newtonian telescope outta the pod -- have been socked in or overcast for dang near every astronomical event. i did see part of a lunar eclipse this year but it was in between clouds.

thanks for the video of what i'm missing