23 July, 2010

At Short Last, the Strike is Over!

At short long last, the strike is over!  And just in the nick o' time, too.  The Pharyngula withdrawl was getting acute, and since I'd pledged not to visit ScienceBlogs until the strike was finished, I suffered from knowing Orac and Erik had new posts up but not being able to read them.  Yes, granted, there were plenty of ScienceBlogs expats to keep me occupied, but I'm a total Pharyngula addict and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

It's good to see that Seed Media cared enough about its (remaining) bloggers to act quickly (though they could've acted before the strike, y'know), and that we'll probably have a viable ScienceBlogs going forward.

This doesn't mean I'll forget the expats.  Never!  Wherever they end up, there I'll be.

And, BoraThank you.

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