09 July, 2010

Hullo, Followers of Phil Plait!

So that's where that sudden spike in traffic's coming from.  And at least one of you has decided to stick around for a bit.  Most excellent!  Hopefully I won't disappoint too much, although I'm likely to earn your ongoing hate.  I do understand.  My wishlist is bulging horribly because other people keep finding yet more fascinating books.

I've at last broken down and joined Twitter.  I have no idea what I shall do with it, aside from follow folks around.  Suggestions welcome.  Do you lot want me to tweet posts?  Random thoughts?  Interesting links I haven't got time for a post for?  This is your chance to mold Dana Hunter to your liking - take full advantage.

Right, then.  Interesting stuff tomorrow.  For now, total collapse is in order.

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