25 July, 2010

Talk to Your Friends About DD

No, not drunk driving:
I’m suggesting now that distracted driving is in the same category. People just don’t multitask behind the wheel as well as they think they do, and we should get up in their faces about it.  If you’re talking to a friend and you realize they are driving a car, say; “Are you driving?  Good bye” and hang up.  And if you know someone who texts and drives, refuse to text them at any time until they stop doing it.  
A car is no place for multitasking.  It's time to get Zen, folks: when you're driving, just drive.  Please.

And really, really don't call the phone company to troubleshoot your cell phone while you're behind the wheel.  If it's that important, find a place to pull over.  I trust none of my readers are stupid enough to try to navigate cell phone menus, remove cases and batteries, and all that other stuff while also trying to navigate traffic, so pass it on: don't make the poor rep you're talking to listen to you kill or maim yourself and others.  Don't turn an annoyance into a tragedy.  Okies?

Here endeth my lecture, but if you didn't visit George's post, go do it now.  Unless you're driving.  In which case, what the hell are you doing in my cantina?

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Karen said...

YES, YES, YES!!! Despite the fact that California has a hands-free law requiring that you use your speakerphone or bluetooth while driving, I still see loads of people with their hands to their ears. I'm not convinced that hands-free cell phone use is that much better, either. I, for one, can't concentrate properly on the road while talking to someone who isn't there. It's MUCH harder than talking to someone in the seat beside me. So I just don't answer the phone while I'm driving. That's what voicemail is for.