08 July, 2010


I just downloaded some Kamelot bonus tracks I've never heard.  And now I'm sitting here with that numinous feeling one gets when in the presence of awe-inspiring art.  Epica remains my favorite band of all time (outside of the Peacemakers, but that should go without saying anyway).  However, Kamelot is also one of my favorite bands of all time.  The fact that they so often bring on my favorite musicians of all time as guests, such as Simone Simons and Shagrath, does not hurt a bit.  Now if they'd have Roger Clyne do a song with them, my life would be complete.

Funny thing is, just like with the Peacemakers, I didn't even like them much the first time round.  All I had was "Nights of Arabia" on some metal mix album, and it left me distinctly underwhelmed, just as "Banditos" did.  This is where sites like Project Playlist and friends like Justin are essential.  It's said you're never given a second chance to make a first impression, but that's just the literal interpretation.  When you really hear an outstanding band after having dismissed them, it's rather a lot like a first impression.  With Emperor, they grew on me.  With the Peacemakers and Kamelot, it was a bolt-from-the-blue turnaround.  Heard 'em once, not impressed.  Second time, I might as well have been riding the road to Damascus.  What was that flash of light and why is my arse on the ground?

So join me.  The sound quality ain't perfect - it's YouTube, after all - but the person who put this together got the transition between "Solitaire" and "Rule the World" nice and smooth.

One of the most powerful voices in power metal.  Z.O.M.G.

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