24 July, 2010

Bad Astronomy the Series!

Woot!  Yippee!  Phil's finally gonna have a show!
Finally, at last, after many months, I can now officially reveal the project that has kept me so busy over all this time. I think you’re gonna like this… so why not just jump right in to the teaser trailer posted online by a small TV network you may have heard of called THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL!

[evil laugh]
I’ve been working with the Discovery Channel on hosting a new TV science show called "Phil Plait’s Bad Universe". It’s a three-part program where I dissect issues in astronomy and science, putting claims to the test. 

I first heard the news on Twitter, and I very nearly leapt from my desk, ripped my headset from my head, and danced through the cubicles for joy.  However, it's a tough economy, and such behavior might be frowned on by Management.  So I had to settle for a retweet instead.

I've been hoping Phil would end up on my teevee since the idea for the Skeptologists was first floated (and I still hope that show gets produced).  This is a joyous day indeed!

Alas, the video is broked, but when it's up and running again, I shall post it.  And thee shall have the happy knowledge that actual real science will be aired on the Discovery Channel very soon.  And because it's Phil, we know it shall be entertaining as hell.  Huzzah!  It'll be the baddest universe ever.

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Suzanne said...

oh yay!!! thanks for the news dana