01 July, 2010

The Legal Jackboot

Via our own John Pieret, who knows legal fuckery when he sees it, Orac points up the travails of Dr. Steve Bennett of Quackwatch, who is currently being sued for $10 million by a bunch of money-grubbing quacks otherwise known as Doctor's Data.  This is a tactic used by those who can't defend themselves with science.  And considering truth is a defense in American libel cases, Dr. Bennett has nothing to worry about - except the ridiculous legal bills that will be racked up defending himself against this fuckery.

Publicize his case if you have a blog, and if you can spare a few dimes, send some cash his way.  Quackwatch is a resource that cannot be allowed to be buggered and beggared by the kind of people who enjoy administering industrial chelators to helpless autistic kids.  Do help them continue roasting the quacks.  The champions of science-based medicine must not be silenced by jackbooted legal thugs.


Liz Ditz said...

I've written up a post on the background and rationale for Dr. Barrett to have written the articles Doctor's Data objects to. As I sometimes do, I have a running list of blog posts and articles commenting on the issue. I've included yours.


John Pieret said...

I've republished Liz's list (with a few modifications for dramatic effect) and everyone else should as well to create a link storm. I'll be happy to lend my html to anyone who wants.