01 July, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

Apologies for the lack of beating up dumbfucks lately.  I've been conserving my energy for geology and adventures, and since it's the last few days before Aunty Flow arrives, there's precious little energy to spare.  But let's blow the dust off the Smack-o-Matic and go hunting for some stupid bottoms to apply it to.

We won't have to look far.  Lessee, there's Michele Bachmann, who apparently believes America does not engage in trade with the rest of the world.  It's hard to fathom how someone this fundamentally incompetent manages to find enough ignorant voters to send her back to Washington.  Maybe the voters in Minnesota place higher value in slapstick entertainment than effective, intelligent legislating.  Or maybe there's just a remarkable concentration of extremely stupid and terminally paranoid people in her district.

In Nevada, voters have a choice between Harry Reid and a frothing insane fucktard who believes that women and girls impregnated by rapists and related molesters should not be afforded the opportunity for an abortion because it's God's plan.  She's also happy to turn Nevada into a toxic nuclear waste dump, thinks the unemployed are "spoiled," and thinks church-state separation doesn't arise from the Constitution.  On top of that, she'd still like to privatize Social Security.  Oh, and she thinks it's unfair to "nitpick" her over her views that if Cons don't take over the government via the ballot box, they should look into the option of armed insurrection.  You'd think that much concentrated stupidity would have to be distilled from disparate sources spread over weeks or months of campaign statements, stump speeches, and various interactions with the press, but no, she bundled it all into one interview.  Looks like she should've stayed away from the media after all.

Meanwhile, John Boehner thinks the Wall Street idiocy that led to a financial crisis that nearly destroyed the world economy is merely an "ant," and that efforts to prevent a repeat are like trying to squish it with a "nuclear weapon."  Is he lazy, stupid or crazy?  Joe Scarborough says lazy.  I say why quibble - no reason he can't be all three.

Oh, and Cons hate homeless female veterans.  Good to know.

For those of you so pissed off at Dems for not being progressive enough that you refuse to vote for them, why don't you do something useful and get busy voting in Con primaries?  Put forth some effort to bring them back to mild sanity so that Dems don't have such laughable yet dangerous assclowns to pit themselves against, and therefore might put in some effort toward impressing their own base.  Given a choice between a Conservadem who sometimes does something somewhat helpful for ordinary people and is usually not deplorably frothing batshit insane and a Con, I'm afraid ye olde conscience still refuses to put the insane in charge of the asylum once again.


Cujo359 said...

Oh, and Cons hate homeless female veterans.

They also hate homeless children of veterans. Next time you hear them wail about the plight of children facing pornography or drugs or whatever, remember whose children they're not wailing about.

Cujo359 said...

Forgot: Is he lazy, stupid or crazy?

Why not crooked? Seems like the obvious choice to me.