05 July, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday, America!

I hope all of you had a lovely Fourth, whether in the US or not.  In case you needed fireworks, I brought you some:

I even got some reasonably good video, which I was then able to stitch together into a nice demonstration of the shows I saw.  The hill near my house lets me see what displays several cities are putting on.  I even got to see fireworks bursting over the freeway - if you look closely in the middle bits, you'll see the cars driving merrily along as fireworks burst beside them:

I'm rather pleased with how that turned out, considering I've never tried shooting video of fireworks before.  And Seattle threw the old girl a pretty good party.  So that was fun.

So what did you all do for America's birthday?  For those of you from other countries, what do you do when it comes time to wish the dear old place many more?  I'm tired of just talking about my own adventures - tell me yours!

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Suzanne said...

i stayed home and watched the seattle fireworks simulcast on nwcn. was the best show i've seen -- forking awesome.

looks like your place is the place to be for great viewing of the festivities.