12 July, 2010

That'll Convince 'em

Summer's for playing, and for doing all that artsy-craftsy stuff I don't have opportunities for during the winter writing season.  Stuff like finally hanging the two Lord of the Rings posters I ordered over a year ago and then promptly never got around to hanging.  Walk into my bedroom now, and you'll see LOTR artwork adorning three walls, with some Chinese and Japanese art fighting a rear-guard action.

I'd just like to take the opportunity to bemoan the fact it's impossible to find a pre-made frame for a 40 x 14" print.  So this afternoon found me on the floor with rice paper and glue, ensuring the poor thing doesn't look like it's swimming in the gargantuan poster frame I ended up with.  The results didn't turn out half bad.

This evening found me up on a step ladder with yardstick, hammer and level.  The sound of fervent cursing might have drifted out my open window.  Curious onlookers learned that a bra strap makes a good pencil holder, and that Swedish-made bookcases can hold up to 100 pounds' worth of female when there's no room for the stepladder.  Swedish-made tables will do the same.  You don't want to know what I went through to get the Japanese print hung in the dining room.

The results, if I do say so myself, are more than satisfactory.  And visitors will be in no doubt whatsoever as to what my favorite movie of all time might be.

I'm out of walls just about everywhere except for the bathroom, so if Peter Jackson actually does The Hobbit, visitors might have to do their business with very short people staring at them.

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