18 July, 2010


Most of the time, I feel pretty good about living in the very-nearly-enlightened state of Washington.  This, however, is not one of those times:

In this respect, Washington is no better than Arizona, the land where anyone with an accent can be bunged into jail for not presenting papers.  Both states are highly rated for overall evolution education, but seem to shy away from mentioning that humans are part of all that evolving.  Rather a significant oversight, that.

Now mind you, this data's two years old.  I took a ramble through the science standards online, but couldn't find anything definite, so I've queried a relevant official.  Perhaps she'll share the happy news that Washington's beating Arizona now.  If not, it appears we science supporters in Washington State shall have to kick up a wee bit o' a fuss. 

Especially since it looks like we may have to kick the English standards up a few notches, as exemplified by the comment at the bottom of this page.  Yeesh.

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Cujo359 said...

As can be seen from the map, avoiding the issue of evolution is a pretty popular policy. I think most state and local standards setters would just as soon avoid conflict with the bible thumpers.