06 July, 2010

More Fireworks!

Cujo's posted his July 4th pics.  Some of them make me jealous.  Next year, Aunty Flow and weather willing, maybe I'll drag myself out to a place where I can get a better view and see what comes of it.

I especially liked this one from another of Cujo's posts, so I'm going to shamelessly steal it:

It looks vaguely cephalopodish.  I think PZ would like it!

Oh, and meet our new national bird:

Visit Cujo's post for an explanation, and the link above for a great post on species of climate change deniers that fell in my lap when I went searching for a suitable ostrich.  You'll meet varieties like this:
Persona Four – The Vested Politician
These people have strongly held political beliefs which are at odds with what would be required to address climate change. Almost all respected commentators say that achieving the emissions reductions needed will require strong government intervention. If this is at odds with their political beliefs (e.g. ‘Neo-liberal’) then they would rather deny that climate change is happening rather than forgo their political beliefs.
Yup.  Sounds depressingly familiar.

I think I'll go back to thoroughly scrubbing my house now.

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