21 July, 2010

Ye Exodus Continues

I pulled up my Twitter feed today expecting news of one or two more Sciblings on the move.  Well, it's more than one or two:
Living the Scientific Life

The Questionable Authority (Twitter only for now: questauthority)

Speakeasy Science


Thus Spake Zuska

And that's not all!  There's a non-inconsiderable handful considering a move toward the exits:
On Becoming a Domestic and Laboratory Goddess

Respectful Insolence

Terra Sigilata

Thoughtful Animal

Thoughts From Kansas

And just when it seemed the news couldn't get any worse for ScienceBlogs, STRIKE!

Greg Laden

Casaubon's Book (yeah, they'd moved back)
(Picketers list is as of last I checked - there could be more now.)

Then we look at the updated list of those who've Done Left:
A Blog Around the Clock

Culture Dish

Good Math, Bad Math (no new digs yet)

Highly Allochthonous



Neuron Culture 

Obesity Panacea

The Primate Diaries (New digs at last!)

The Quantum Pontiff


Science After Sunclipse

Whitecoat Underground

(Did I miss anybody?  Let me know!)
Eighteen bloggers gone, five more considering, and three (among them the 800 pound gorilla on the network) striking - if that doesn't get the Seed Overlords' attention and lead to some substantial positive changes, Seed and all its media deserves to go down in flames.

At least the bloggers will land on their feet, no matter what.


John Pieret said...

Carl Zimmer is keeping a list and checking it twice. The worst thing about Seed Fail is all the updating I'm (eventually) going to have to do on my blog roll.

Kristjan Wager said...

John, I was thinking the same earlier today - I actually considered doing some (long needed) updates straight away, but I think I'll wait and see how it all plays out.